VMWare IoT


Vmware provides cloud computing and platform virtualization software and services. Vmware IoT makes Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology’s (OT) life easier. Many don't realize how involved VMware is within a great variety of industries.

I was tasked to design a web/mobile experience with the goal to educate individuals how VMware IoT makes your life easier, whether you realize it or not. 


UX, web, layout, iconography



The experience contained a ton of information about different industries and how VMware tied into all of them. Within each of these industries, content pertaining to the value of VMware were communicated through custom videos, infographics and external links. These links directed users to white papers and blogs that further educated them on VMware's ability to facilitate a wide array of work processes. We wanted a user to feel as though they were going along a journey tailored to their profession and areas of interest. 


The success of this project was based off of its finesse. If we overwhelmed the user with content or overstimulating visuals that detracted from the information, the tool would've been deemed unsuccessful. As a method to discover the value that VMware can bring to one's company, a user had to feel truly immersed in the experience. Transitional elements helped encapsulate this immersion and a 3 step process made for a short and to the point experience.  

mock computer.png